How to Attract the Right Followers on Instagram?

How to Attract the Right Followers on Instagram? | Account Bucks

How to Attract the Right Followers on Instagram?

Some businesses are solely focused on expansion. They don’t mind if the right followers on instagram are bots, scam accounts, or follow-for-follow scams.

Even though the follow-for-follow hashtag on Instagram has billions of postings, it is ineffective at gaining the correct followers. That kind of fan base will never lead to revenue. You like to be useful, not popular, as social media expert Tori Tait puts it.

Using Instagram to build the correct audience can make a major impact on your marketing strategy. These followers will not only be more likely to make purchases, but they will also draw more of the target population.

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Integrate your Instagram marketing plan

You will need to develop material that appeals to your new Instagram followers once you’ve gained some. That information will also aid in the recruitment of new right followers on Instagram.

However, as we’ve seen, you can have multiple follower personas. As a result, you must generate content relevant to many segments of your audience while maintaining your fundamental brand identity.

Focusing on multiple channels for distinct follower profiles is one approach to do this. The Sephora Instagram account is an excellent illustration of how this may be done.


Sephora is a well-known cosmetics store on the high street. They’ve seen this on Instagram since 2012 and have amassed a following of over 20 million people. Part of their success might be attributed to using various posts on Instagram to attract diverse audiences.

Their main feed features posts about their most popular items, including skincare, foundations, and eye cosmetics. They include a wide range of backgrounds and faces, as well as instructional content.

Targeted followers

However, when they just released Do Not Drink, a new line of perfumes, they sought to target a different type of follower: younger people who may be unfamiliar with the product and use Instagram differently. This type of fan was more likely to pay attention to Stories and Reels than to feed posts.

Sephora’s answer was to collaborate with producers to create new AR lenses based on the perfume line. They noticed a significant boost in ad recall and buying intent (which is the ultimate goal of social media marketing, after all). They’ve utilized this tactic successfully in several other campaigns as well.

Attract the Right Followers on Instagram

Make your bio more effective

Get use of all the 150 characters you have at your disposal. Your Instagram bio explains who you are, what you’re about, and what you want people to do after visiting your profile

  • Your Instagram bio should include the following:
  • a concise explanation of your work
  • Personalize it with a few touches of your personality
  • A rallying cry (shop, read more, contact us, etc.)

A connection

Use your in-bio link judiciously because it is your only clickable link on Instagram. Some companies offer a static link to their website, while others update it regularly to reflect new content. Take advantage of link-in-bio solutions like Shop Grid to turn a single link into a catalog of links if you want to make it easy on yourself.

Decide when the greatest moment to post on Instagram

Notice how we avoided the phrase “discover the optimum moment to publish on Instagram”? The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for when to post on Instagram to get the most engagement. However, there are methods for determining the best times for your followers.

To begin, use Instagram Insights to determine when your target audience is available. It would help if you also thought about when your material is most useful. Because consumers are more likely to be cooking outside of work hours, a step-by-step recipe video, for example, would perform better.

A post about a coffee shop, on the other hand, would do well at 2 p.m., when people are in a slump. Track engagement by experimenting with different publishing times.

If you need some extra help deciding when to publish, Buffer’s Answers tool offers three publishing time ideas for boosting your Instagram reach.

Make excellent captions

Great Instagram captions keep people’s attention after they’ve seen your photographs. Captions allow you to add extra information or context to the photo or video you’re sharing. Additionally, using keywords in captions can help you appear in-app search results.
Captions on Instagram can be up to 2,200 characters long. Of course, not every caption has to be written in the style of a blog post. Experiment with various lengths.

Snappy remark

Some photographs thrive from a brief, snappy remark with a handful of emojis, while others require something longer and more contemplative.
Although the average length of Instagram captions is increasing, most firms still stick to the 2,200 character restriction.

The average was predicted to be 405 characters in 2021, up from 142 characters in 2016.

So, when do you go for the long haul, and when do you stick to the basics? There aren’t any hard and fast rules. It’s great to mix it up, just like with content genres.

Take a look at these two posts by OnlineDrea’s Andréa Jones. One includes a brief caption, while the other directs you to the caption for a more detailed explanation.

Engage with your audience

On Instagram, engagement is vital for growth. Many businesses mistake focusing just on likes and comments, ignoring the people behind the numbers. If you want to grow your Instagram following, you need to start a discussion with your followers.

It’s important to remember that just because someone views your content doesn’t mean they’ve decided to follow you. If you have the opportunity to interact with a potential follower, seize it. Every remark you receive is an opportunity to earn a new follower (or retain an existing one), making sure you answer each one.

Don’t panic if the prospect of tapping away on your phone makes your hands cramp. You can respond to comments from your PC using the Buffer Engage tool. But don’t wait for your followers to strike up a dialogue on their own. Create possibilities for participation. In Instagram Stories, use Instagram stickers like open-ended questions and surveys. In your photo captions, pose questions.

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Tag your BFF

Use prompts like “Tag your BFF who you’d invite on this cruise!” or “Tag your wine-loving friend who you’d do this wine tasting with!” to encourage users to tag pals in the comments. Are you looking for additional inspiration? Learn how to obtain more Instagram followers by increasing engagement with our Instagram engagement tips.